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Season 2, Ep 10 – Emily Teti

Emily Teti, Ph.D. Candidate, Researcher, and Woman in STEM

How will you challenge yourself? Kevin and Lauren chat with Emily Teti about her path from a small school in North Carolina to finding her place in STEM. She discusses her father giving her scientific experiments to conduct at six years of age, the importance of learning with no fear of being wrong, and the lessons her parents taught her about not quitting in the middle of things. Emily also shares how she was able to combine her love of mathematics with psychological science, and her experiences with impostor syndrome as a woman in STEM.

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Bonus Episode – Debrief & Analysis: Blaine Sumner

BONUS: Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with World Champion Powerlifter, Blaine Sumner. Highlights include their discussion of the importance of a combination of good planning and mental strength, the different varieties of intrinsic motivation, and the pros and cons of basing your identity on your pursuits. They also discuss how some guests have achieved success doing it “by the book” while others have pulled only what they need from different approaches, and the risks of putting yourself out there either too early or too late.

Season 2, Ep 9 – Blaine Sumner

Blaine Sumner, World Powerlifting Champion

Do observers recognize the grind or just see the glory? Kevin and Lauren chat with Blaine Sumner about his path from a very lean kid to becoming the World Powerlifting Champion. He discusses the importance of reaching incremental goals, overcoming injuries, and being incorrectly viewed as a “genetic freak.” Blaine also shares his view on the importance of a systemic approach to tackling goals, the mental aspect of reaching the top, and what it is like to lift over 1000 lbs. Check this one out to hear how the self-described “skinny kid” became a world champion powerlifter.

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