Ep. 025, Part 1 – Dr. David Eccles (TPD Science of High Performance Series)

Dr. David Eccles, Professor of Sport Psychology at Florida State University (Parts 1 & 2; Science of High Performance)

Do you have the patience to temporarily slow down enough in the midst of a high stakes situation to cultivate the best next move? Across two episodes we speak with Dr. Dave Eccles about his 20+ years of research on expert performance in a variety of domains. He describes research findings on how athletes plan ahead and simulate the competitive environment, his fascinating work on team coordination, and the impressive amounts of knowledge that orienteering athletes possess about navigating terrain. In Part 2, we get into his latest research exploring the role of rest in optimal performance, and discuss how not getting enough rest has been glamorized. This first installment of the Science of High Performance series is packed with useful tips for everyone.

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