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Bonus Episode – Debrief & Analysis: Brandon Barnett

BONUS: Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Brandon Barnett, Songwriter and Founder of the Left of Nashville Podcast Network. Highlights include their discussion of how burnout can happen even when you love what you do, and that being extremely passionate about something possibly can lead to an even greater chance of it. Kevin and Lauren also discuss how draining the true-crime genre can be, how an idea without an investment goes nowhere, and the alliteration of Kevin’s self-designated nickname – bald Brad Pitt.

Ep. 031 – Brandon Barnett

Brandon Barnett, Songwriter and Founder of the Left of Nashville Podcast Network

Would you walk away from a good living to take a shot at your dreams? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren speak with Brandon Barnett, whose path includes collaborating with one of Nashville’s best known songwriters to his true crime podcast that led to an arrest in a decades old missing person cold-case. Brandon shares his experience of not giving up, the joy and stress of podcasting about cold cases, and the importance of having fun no matter what you pursue. He also talks about the realization that he had hundreds of thousands of listeners, and his mantra of not putting out garbage just to release something.

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