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Bonus Episode – Debrief & Analysis: Mike Squires

BONUS: Hosts Drs. Kevin Harris and Lauren S. Tashman discuss their conversation with Mike Squires, Musician and Host, Couch Riffs Podcast. Highlights include their discussion of Mike’s approach of looking  through the cracked door to see opportunity, the different definitions of success, and making a living off your passion. They also ponder musicians’ early inspiration in the post album digital age, and the addictive nature of being in a “flow” state with the inevitable experience of coming down after performing

Season 2, Ep 3 – Mike Squires

Mike Squires, Musician and Host, Couch Riffs Podcast

If you care a lot about something, do you prove it? In this episode, Kevin and Lauren chat with Mike Squires, veteran rock guitarist, about his path from humble beginnings to touring the world with music legends. He shares what it was like feeling like a fish out of water after arriving in Seattle, the importance of practicing with musicians better than you, and getting a call from Duff McKagan about auditioning. He also discusses his drive to make music, the pitfall of having goals but not putting in the work, and his habit of inviting himself into bands. 

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